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Christine & Ray Lincoln

Christine & Ray Lincoln

Ray and Christine Lincoln are familiar to many hobbyists who visit many of the big fairs, where they have exhibited regularly for many years, showing their combined specialities of shops and food in miniature.

As with a lot of miniaturists, once one partner starts to work with miniature, the other joins in and that’s the way it is with Ray and Christine.

Ray worked as a mechanical engineer before joining the merchant navy but when he felt the need to work ‘on land’ he found that factory work did not suit him after being at sea, so he worked in a retail environment for a long time. He had always enjoyed being creative so began making high quality wooden toys and he discovered that he could make a career of this and work from home, spending more time with his family. His doll’s houses were successful but he decided to try his hand at shops based in the traditional style and at this point Christine joined him making a tasty array of food for the shelves! Being a keen cook herself, she always models her food on the real thing, including buying a joint of meat to copy it exactly – no wonder they look so tempting! Their exhibits are not only delightful examples of miniaturist’s craft, but are wonderful pieces of social history as well.

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